Coronavirus & Australian workplace laws

Continuity of business is a significant issue for employers
and their employees during this unprecedented and difficult time. FairWork Australia
have developed the below coronavirus information to help employees and
employers understand how coronavirus impacts Australian workplace laws.

Find out about your workplace entitlements and obligations
if you’re affected by the outbreak of covid-19, including information about
stand-downs from work, working […]

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Protecting Yourself Against Silica Dust

Key take-aways

1. Silica is a natural mineral found in some stone, rock, sand, brick, tiles, concrete, gravel and clay. Exposure is caused by breaking, crushing or milling this type of material.

2. Silicosis occurs when crystalline silica dust scars the lungs. It’s a serious and incurable disease, with symptoms including shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue and weight […]

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Guidance on protecting your business during a temporary closure

Temporary ClosureDue to the coronavirus restrictions, many businesses are having to temporarily close and allow staff to help sustain operations via home working. We wanted to give you some general advice about how to protect your premises during any temporary closures. This guidance is from a risk management perspective. Please give us a call should […]

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How small businesses can benefit from working with an insurance broker

Key takeaways:

Brokers are independent of all insurance companies, able to offer a variety of options and make impartial recommendations.Use a broker for their industry/sector expertise, identifying day-to-day business risks, and for tailoring an insurance package that meets your needs.Opting for a cheaper ‘off the shelf’ insurance policy is often not the best approach for insuring […]

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Coronavirus’ impact on business & travel insurance

With the number of confirmed cases of those infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) growing every day, it has become somewhat of a nightmare for many countries and their economies.

The COVID-19 virus has already had a significant negative impact on the global economy, including the Australian economy. Recent import/export restrictions and sweeping travel bans have caused […]

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The Importance of a Tailored Product Recall Policy for the Food & Beverage Industry

A product recall as a result of contamination, design faults, mislabelling or malicious tampering is one of the most risk-laden situations a company can face, yet it seems many Australian businesses don’t fully understand the potential impact a recall could have on their balance sheet or their stakeholders.Contaminated food products are usually destroyed rather than […]

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Protect Yourself. Don’t Abbreviate 2020.

As we roll into a new year and a new decade, the
‘twenty-twenties’ has provided scammers with a unique opportunity to forge
documents and potentially defraud you.

Even though it’s common practice to
shorten the year when writing down a date, doing the same abbreviation in 2020
could leave you open to all sorts of legal ramifications.

For example, adding a […]

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Getting bushfire-ready

Australia is seeing bushfires in more areas than ever before, and with the remaining summer outlook for most of the country expected to see below average rainfall, drier-than-average conditions and an increased risk of early heatwaves and fires, it’s crucial that you and your home (or business) are bushfire-ready.

Getting to know your weather and the […]

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The Leading Causes of Water Damage in the Home

Burst Flexi Hoses

One of the most frequent reasons for water damage in homes is due to burst flexi hoses, accounting for more than 20% of claims each year. You will find these hoses connected to taps, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers. Check the hose quality every few months, particularly for the washing machine and dishwasher […]

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Credential Stuffing – The Hacker Tactic Posing A Serious Threat To Australian SMEs

Cybercrime and hacker ingenuity continue to grow at an alarming rate, which is why effective cyber security is so challenging these days. New vulnerabilities and exploits are constantly being found, with each attack more sophisticated than the last.
However, one rather rudimentary yet effective hacker tactic that has seen a recent surge in Australia is […]

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