Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance

We understand that the most valuable asset to any business is its employees. With that in mind, we have amalgamated AusInsure into our business who specialise in Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance.

Should you get sick or injured and are unable to work, our Personal Accident & Sickness insurance plan can provide you with an income for up to 2 years.

Key Benefits of Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance

1. Financial Security

Ensures financial stability for your business and employees during challenging times. It provides coverage for medical expenses, loss of income, and rehabilitation costs, minimising the financial burden associated with accidents or sickness.

2. Flexibility

Unlike standard health insurance, this insurance covers accidents, illnesses, and injuries that occur both inside and outside the workplace, giving employees greater protection.

3. Peace of Mind

Knowing that your employees are covered in case of unexpected events can boost morale and job satisfaction, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

4. Recruitment and Retention

Offering comprehensive insurance coverage demonstrates your commitment to employee well-being, making your business more attractive to potential hires and retaining valuable staff.

personal accident and sickness insurance

The Inclusions and Exclusions in Our Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance Policy

Our comprehensive Personal Accident and Sickness insurance policy provides exceptional coverage to ensure total protection should you fall sick or get injured on the job.

Policy Inclusions

  • Up to 85% of average gross weekly earnings
  • Benefits paid for up to 2 years
  • Maximum $3,000 per week
  • 14 day waiting period
  • Competitive premium
  • Accidental death ~ $100,000
  • Cancer benefit ~ $25,000
  • Funeral expenses ~ $20,000
  • Home/car modification ~ $15,000
  • Accomm. & transport benefit ~ $10,000
  • Trauma benefit ~ $5,000

Policy Exclusions

  • Flying in an aircraft other than as a passenger in any aircraft licensed to carry passengers
  • Intentionally self-inflicted injury or suicide
  • Any fraudulent, dishonest, illegal or criminal act
  • Any pre-existing condition (as defined further in PDS) - you can only claim for the
    consequences of an Accident or Sickness if the claim occurs within 12 months of the initial
    diagnosis of the Accident or Sickness
  • Degenerative conditions
  • Training in or participating in professional sport

Application and Claim Forms

Click one of the icons below to download an interactive application form or claim form for our Personal Accident & Sickness cover. You can also view the Product Disclosure Statement, policy wording, and the appendix for the additional benefits via:

Application Form

Claim Form

Claim Form

Businesses That Benefit the Most from Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance

Personal Accident & Illness insurance is particularly valuable for self-employed small business owners who may not be protected by a workers’ compensation agreement.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Personal Accident and Sickness insurance can be a lifeline for smaller businesses that may struggle to absorb the financial impact of accidents or illnesses among their employees.

Self-Employed Individuals

Freelancers and self-employed professionals can protect their income and well-being with Personal Accident and Sickness insurance, as they may lack traditional employer-sponsored benefits.

High-Risk Industries

Businesses operating in high-risk sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation can significantly benefit from this insurance, as accidents are more prevalent in these industries.

Get Your Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance Quote Today

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance is not just another policy; it's a crucial safeguard for the financial health of your business and the well-being of your employees. At Midland, we specialise in finding the right insurance solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Don't leave your business and employees vulnerable to the unexpected. Contact us today to learn more about how Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance can become an indispensable part of your risk management strategy.

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