Craft Brewery Insurance: Do I Need It?

At Midland, we have been providing tailored insurance cover to craft breweries and medium to large scale breweries for over 10 years.

We love everything about this industry - the creativity, dedication, passion, occasional tasting, and even the beards - and believe our insurance expertise in this area is second to none. In saying that, we have developed unique insurance programs for each industry that allow us to tailor a policy specifically to your business' needs.

Our policies aren't restricted to the usual suspects like beer, cider, whisky or gin production either. We can also cater to kombucha manufacturers, hard seltzer manufacturers, and the non-alcoholic market as well.

For information specific to brewery-only insurance programs please see this page here.

You can also download our Brewery Fact Sheet. This document provides some simple facts about insurance for breweries, things to think about when starting a new brewery and how they'll impact your insurance premium.

Five Of the Unique Points Of Our Brewery Insurance Program Include:

Brewery insurance for stock loss
Cover for stock losses resulting from spoilage, leakage and/or contamination
Stock cover in brewery insurance
Stock cover automatically includes alcohol
Excise duty insurance for breweries
Cover for excise duty where it cannot be recovered from the tax office after loss
Cheaper brewery insurance
Discounts off standard premium rates
insurance cover for serving food within a brewery
Cover for food service, bar service, and tastings and tours of your facility (if required)

We are a full-service insurance brokerage for breweries of all sizes. This means providing you with a full analysis and review of your operation, meeting with you face to face, explaining and 'uncomplicating' all aspects of your policy, and having a dedicated department to manage your claims.

Craft Brewery Insurance: Understanding the Unique Risks of Brewery Operations

As the craft brewery industry continues to thrive, it is crucial for brewery owners to recognise the importance of having comprehensive insurance coverage. While passion, creativity, and dedication drive the success of breweries, unforeseen risks can jeopardise the investment and hard work that’s been put into the business.

Breweries involve complex processes, from manufacturing and production to storage, sales, and even public consumption. Brewery owners must recognise and mitigate the specific risks associated with their business, including:

Manufacturing and Production Risks

  • Contamination or spoilage of beer batches
  • Equipment breakdown or failure
  • Ingredient contamination
  • Product recalls due to quality or safety issues

Storage and Transportation Risks

  • Damage or destruction of stored products during transit
  • Leaks or spills from storage tanks
  • Theft or fraud targeting brewery assets

Liability Risks

  • Accidents or injuries related to the consumption of beer
  • Intoxication of customers on brewery premises
  • Cyber liability risks such as database breaches or hacking

What Is a Brewery Insurance Program?

A brewery insurance program is a specialised insurance policy designed to provide comprehensive coverage for breweries. It's specifically tailored to address brewery operations' unique risks and needs.

A brewery insurance program typically includes coverage for property protection, stock losses, liability claims, equipment breakdown, product recalls, and other risks specific to the brewing industry.

By obtaining a brewery insurance program, brewery owners can protect their investment, ensure financial security, and mitigate potential losses caused by unforeseen events or liabilities.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions: Protecting Your Brewery in a Dynamic Landscape

Insurance for breweries is part of the broader insurance landscape for the craft brewing industry. Other businesses in this industry, such as wineries, food manufacturers, and logistics companies, face similar challenges and can benefit from targeted insurance coverage.

Insurance providers like Midland Insurance understand the particular risks and obligations faced by these businesses. We offer customised insurance packages that meet the unique needs and budgets of breweries and other related businesses in the craft brewing industry.

Craft breweries are a significant part of the market, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the industry. Midland Insurance recognises the importance of tailored insurance coverage for craft breweries. We understand the intricacies of the brewing process, the potential risks involved, and the need for comprehensive protection.

By securing appropriate brewery insurance, owners can ensure their businesses' future success and growth. Proper coverage for stock losses due to spoilage, contamination, excise duty, and other potential risks can provide peace of mind and support the brewery's operations. Insurance acts as a safety net, allowing brewery owners to focus on what they do best—brewing exceptional beer—while knowing they are protected against unforeseen events that could disrupt or harm their operations.

A thorough risk analysis and consultation is important before purchasing an insurance policy. Understanding the risks and liabilities the brewery faces can help you select the appropriate coverage. As insurance experts, we can provide guidance and advice in identifying potential vulnerabilities and recommend coverage options that address those risks effectively.

Do I Need a Brewery Insurance Program?

Brewery insurance is essential for brewery owners. It provides comprehensive coverage for unique risks, including stock losses and liability claims. Our tailored policies ensure financial protection and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on brewing exceptional craft beer while safeguarding your business. The brewery insurance cost is worth the spend to secure the future of your brewery.

Four reasons to invest in brewery insurance include:

  • Financial protection
  • Liability coverage
  • Tailored policies to suit your needs
  • Peace of mind
Fortify Your Brewery with Unyielding Insurance

Midland Insurance provides protection, peace of mind, and benefits for brewery owners, including:

Financial Protection
  • Coverage for stock losses due to spoilage, leakage, or contamination
  • Automatic inclusion of alcohol under stock coverage
  • Coverage for excise duty when it cannot be recovered from the tax office after a loss
Liability Coverage
  • Protection against claims and lawsuits related to product consumption or on-premises accidents
  • Coverage for legal defence costs, settlements, and judgments
  • Coverage for food service, bar service, tastings, and tours
Tailored Policies
  • Customised insurance programs designed specifically for breweries
  • Coverage for non-alcoholic products like kombucha and hard seltzers
  • Potential for discounted premium rates offered by specialized insurance providers

Brewery Insurance Costs: Maximising Protection and Savings

The cost of brewery insurance depends on various factors, such as the size of the brewery, equipment covered, and inclusions and exclusions. It's important to consult with brewery insurance experts to assess risks, mitigate them, and obtain the appropriate level of coverage.

It will also highlight the potential for cost savings through risk management strategies:

  • Consulting with insurance experts to conduct a thorough risk analysis
  • Implementing maintenance protocols, quality control measures, and safety procedures to lower insurance premiums
  • Viewing brewery insurance as an investment in the long-term success and sustainability of the business

Why Midland Insurance Is the Right Brewery Insurance Provider

Choosing the right insurance provider is vital to ensure adequate coverage and support for your brewery. At Midland Insurance, we offer the following to our clients:

Industry Expertise

  • Look for insurance providers specialising in brewery insurance
  • Deep understanding of the brewing industry, its unique risks, and obligations faced by breweries

Track Record

  • Assess the insurance provider's track record in serving breweries
  • Look for testimonials or case studies that demonstrate their ability to deliver comprehensive coverage

Coverage Options

  • Ensure that the insurance provider offers comprehensive coverage options
  • Evaluate the range of policies available and discuss additional coverage needs specific to the brewery

Risk Analysis and Consultation

  • Seek insurance providers who conduct thorough risk analyses and offer consultation services
  • Understand your brewery's operations and assess potential risks
  • Receive recommendations for appropriate coverage based on findings
  • Clear communication and transparency in explaining policy details

Claims Process and Support

  • Consider the level of support offered by the insurance provider in managing claims and resolving issues
  • Responsive and supportive claims process minimises the impact of an incident on brewery operations

Midland Insurance Brokers specialise in tailored insurance programs for breweries. Working with experienced insurance brokers can provide you with the highest protection and coverage for your brewery.

Contact Midland Insurance Today

Don't overlook the right insurance for your brewery; it is an investment that safeguards your passion, hard work, and the future of your brewery no matter the size today or tomorrow. With the support of a reputable insurance provider specialising in brewery insurance, you can navigate the industry's challenges with confidence and peace of mind. Secure the appropriate coverage today and ensure your brewery's long-term success and growth.

Remember, insurance is not just an additional expense—it is a strategic decision that protects your business and supports its sustainability. By proactively managing risks, selecting comprehensive coverage, and partnering with a trusted insurance provider, you can protect your brewery from potential financial setbacks and focus on building a thriving, successful business.

Contact us today for a custom quote for all your brewery's insurance needs.

Midland Insurance Brokers are proud members and sponsors of the Independent Brewers Association, the WA Brewers Association, the Australian Distillers Association, Cider Australia and Spirits Victoria.

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