About Joshua

Joshua Kerr is a seasoned National Sales Team Leader with 23 years of experience in the insurance sector. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of insurance types, with a special focus on wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

Joshua's approach to client service is rooted in a thorough understanding of each business, ensuring tailored insurance solutions that align with their specific needs. He has a proven track record in community involvement, having coached basketball and served as the Vice President of a children's basketball club for five years.

To stay ahead in his field, Joshua keeps abreast of the latest trends and developments in the insurance industry and the sectors he specialises in. He is accessible via phone, email, or LinkedIn for any professional inquiries.

In his personal life, Joshua enjoys traveling and basketball, though he finds himself more on the sidelines these days. He is also dedicated to various home improvement projects. His professional ambition is to demystify insurance for his clients, making it easily comprehensible and relevant to their businesses.


joshua.kerr@midlandinsurance.com.au0450 965 428
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