About Terry

Terry Lane began work in the Insurance business in 1958 at Phoenix, where he quickly rose through the ranks as an Inspector and Agency Supervisor. In 1976, Terry moved to Robinson Insurance Services as an Insurance Broker before co-founding OAMPS in 1977 where, under Terry’s leadership, OAMPS became one of Australia’s largest and most successful Insurance Broker firms. In 1993, Terry became a co-Director owner of Cilmi Wigley Insurance Brokers which he bought out in 2000 and later renamed Midland Insurance Brokers.

Terry was known as one of Australia's best-known brokers - an icon, a mentor and an inspiration to many within the industry. In addition to his larger-than-life personality and countless achievements throughout his career - one of which included NIBA's coveted Lex McKeown trophy in 2014 for his outstanding service and contribution to the industry - Terry always took a strong interest in wider industry issues, and was a prominent and active supporter of broker education.

Terry’s legacy, his vision and the culture which he carefully built within Midland is preserved by his sons (and Midland co-directors) Damien and Justin.


FOUNDER: 1942 - 2018

What does 50+ years in the insurance industry look like?

Where Terry started his career in Insurance….

  • 1958 Phoenix age 16 to 20 Internal support role
  • 1962 Phoenix Trainee Inspector (Sales)- Underwriting
  • 1971 Phoenix Agency Supervisor – Underwriting
  • 1976 Robinson Insurance Services – Insurance Broking
  • 1977 OAMPS – co-founding Directors (OAMPS was to become one of Australia’s largest and most successful Insurance Broker firms)
  • 1993 became a co-Director owner of Cilmi Wigley Insurance Brokers
  • 2000 bought out Cilmi Wigley shares (later renamed Midland Insurance Brokers)
  • 2014 Awarded the Lex McKeown Trophy in recognition of ‘outstanding service’ and ‘significant contribution to the broking profession’


Terry's other achievements included…

  • NIBA – 1981 founding Director supporting a formal educational standard and program for the Insurance industry.
  • NIBA- ex-Board member who was instrumental in engaging NIBA to sponsor Guide dogs raising over $800,000 during this period
  • Point Lonsdale Surf Lifesaving Club – Life time member
  • Eastern Golf Club – Ex-President
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