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2022 Inflation and Small Businesses
June 29, 2022
The re-opening of the economy held a promise for businesses greatly affected by the pandemic on their way to recovery. The first quarter of 2022 saw the emergence of a new Covid-19 variant, but there was little to no economic spillover. The labour market beat expectations, and supply chain and logistics disruptions have eased. As […]
Brewery Insurance Fact Sheet
June 25, 2022
This fact sheet provides some simple facts about insurance for breweries, things to think about when starting a new brewery and how they’ll impact your insurance premium.   WHAT IS INSURANCE? Insurance works to protect you, your family, and the life you lead. A simple way to look at insurance is if a group of […]
Australian construction companies and risk.
June 21, 2022
According to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, the construction sector in Australia is valued at $360 billion in revenue. The industry is responsible for 9% of the country's gross domestic product, with a projected annual growth rate of 2.4% in the next half-decade. However, the construction industry is facing many challenges and uncertainties following […]
Is your business underinsured?
May 17, 2022
After hearing Adam Pinkard's impassioned speech at the Australian Distillery Conference earlier this month about "The impact of fire on and recovery to your business", we thought we'd further emphasise his point on the importance of "underinsurance". But first, what is underinsurance? Underinsurance happens when you've taken out insufficient insurance to cover the replacement value […]
Understanding Underinsurance.
March 20, 2022
Why it’s important to correctly value your home & contents insurance. Key takeaways: Underinsurance is when you insure your home or contents for less than it’s worth – putting you at serious financial risk Regularly review the ‘sums insured’ of your property, especially if you expand/change locations or purchase new assets List your valuable ‘big […]
Caravan Industry. Now's the time to review your insurance policy.
February 4, 2022
With caravan and camper-trailer sales at an all-time high, now's the time to make sure your insurance policy is suited to your increase in production and business operations.      After 18 months of rolling lockdowns and closed international borders, the coronavirus pandemic has created a shift in the age of people interested in buying […]
Important update for Management Liability policy holders in VIC
October 28, 2021
In late September, the Victorian Government passed legislation that prohibits contracts which insure or indemnify a person against paying fines under workplace safety laws. Basically, before this new legislation, if you were fined as an employer due to a breach in workplace health & safety laws, your Management Liability insurance policy would have covered you. […]
Secure Your Tools - tips to keep prying eyes and thieving hands at bay.
October 22, 2021
Key takeaways: Get to know the neighbours ID your tools – beautify them; uglify them; make them uniquely identifiable Secure your vehicle with additional/solid locks Keep your tools locked up and out of sight Invest in GPS trackers, and/or place motion sensors around your home Insure your tools – safeguard your livelihood and cover your […]
State of the Market 2021 - A Hardening Insurance Market
May 25, 2021
  STATE OF THE MARKET UPDATE - A Hardening Insurance Market & Rising Premiums - June 2021 All industries experience cycles of expansion and contraction, and this is particularly true of the insurance industry. Although no two cycles are exactly the same, insurance industry cycles typically last between three to ten years and incorporate phases […]
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