The end of year is a time for fun and celebration, what is known as the ‘silly season’ can also pose several risks for business owners. It is important to stop and think about the implications of a serious incident occurring in your facility. Below are a few of Midland Insurance Brokers’ best tips on how you can avoid some of festive season’s risks and don’t forget to use the TO DO list to ensure you are fully prepared.
There is a rise in workplace accidents during the Christmas period as many businesses don’t take proper safety precautions in a rush to meet deadlines.  Whatever your deadline is, the cost of a workplace accident is far greater. During this time, it is important to uphold good housekeeping including checking more regularly for hazards.

The festive season usually brings with it an increase in crime, particularly burglary. It is a good idea to heighten your security measures – Check that security alarms, lighting and CCTV are operating properly and that sensors are not obscured.

In Australia, the festive season also happens to be smack-bang in the middle of storm and bushfire season. The damage a large-scale thunder storm, cyclone or bushfire can cause is difficult to deal with at the best of times, but during the Christmas period impact of a natural disaster can be much more significant It’s always advisable to ensure your insurance cover is up to date and factors in the cost of your business being disrupted as well as the cost of replacing physical items.

Most businesses will host some form of end-of-year party. While this is a great time to celebrate your team’s hard work, it can also be a time when things can go very wrong, particularly with alcohol involved. Normal occupational health and safety rules still apply so ensure the service of alcohol policy is strictly enforced and provide transport so your staff can get home safely.

The rush to deliver on time coupled with employees taking leave during the New Year period means many businesses turn to temporary staff to help out. As with any new employee, temporary staff will likely be unfamiliar with your business processes or safety practices, which could lead to mishaps. Make sure your temporary staff are performing tasks that match their skills and experience and provide any new employee with a proper workplace induction.