The average cost of a data breach in Australia is estimated at $2.8 million

73% of companies worldwide have been victims of a security breach in the previous 12 months

The cost of data breaches to companies globally is forecast to quadruple by 2019

Cybersecurity is becoming harder by the day and is a bigger and more challenging threat than most companies realise.

It used to be enough to install a firewall and some anti-virus software but hackers no longer attack in such a blunt and direct fashion.

Hackers can penetrate your system through multiple potential weakness points in your business including any email that enters or leaves the network; printers or USB drives; poor internal procedures; failed security patches; or simple human error, to name just a few.

Malicious hackers spend on average between 6 to 8 months in a network before being detected.

You won’t even know they’re there while they slowly ‘scrape’ data, secretly record what your employees are typing or surprise you out of the blue with a demand for ransom money.

These breaches of your security can not only be expensive – they can also ruin your company’s reputation and relationships with your clients.

To keep your company and client data protected it is crucial that you remain constantly up-to-date on what the threat landscape currently looks like, that every possible weakness has been recognised and that you are taking every crucial step possible to provide watertight technological security and also the right training to prevent human error.

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